Reviews for "Mega Man: "WSMP""

Nice Mega Man Animation!

I loved the voices, it added tremendously to the humor and storyline, since its mostly a comedy, it did the trick.

The animation and graphics were smooth and nice looking, Mega Man looked just like himself, as well as all of the random villians in this plot, very well drawn, you guys must be Mega Man fans.

One part I liked. Mega Man "Oh that?!?..hehe ..I ate that some minutes ago.." Snake Man "Does this mean we came here for nothin?!?" Shadow Man "You are freaking going down this time Mega Bastard!!!!!" LOL!!! The crazy dialogue..combined with the crazy voices..omg so funny.

I played Mega Man alot growing up, fun games when I was a kid, the ones I played mostly were the ones for Super Nintendo Mega Man X, Mega Man X-1, Mega Man X-2, aah, the memories.

Thanks for playing Capcom's music throughout the flash, I enjoyed listening to all of those old Mega Man tunes, brings back memories, also the Mega Man X song at the end credits, that one especially brought back memories, lol, it brings me back to when I was a kid growing up, I so remember that level and the music, thanks again.

So you said this was a re-make of your original attempt? I wonder what that one was like, you claimed the graphics and voice acting weren't as good for that one, compared to this one, I believe you, this one must be one heck of an improvement, I enjoyed watching it.

As I said, the voice acting was awesome, its good to be creative with your voice and have other people using creative voice talents to back you up too, thats one thing people like these days to add to nice flash, the sound and voices, speaking of sound that was great too!

Good job you brought the Mega Man characters to life in your movie, it was awesome, please make more like this!

xVegetAx, NG Portal Police Sergeant.

10/10 Stars.

5/5 Vote Panel.

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, this time I hired some other people to do the voice actings that they dont sound all the same.
Especially Zielak and Dan-Dark's voices gave some nice difference to Snake Man and Shadow Man.

And heh, that's also my favorite part with this one. I always thought that Snake Man is not so smart and then Shadow Man would be an evil guy that's sharp. And for Mega Man I just came up with his personality.

And I also played Mega Man a lot when I was younger but I played X series more.

And yeah, I thought it gave some nice tune to the background if there could be those songs from original mega man games. Also the reason I added them was that there was playing those same songs in the original version of this flash.
And yep, I used that song since it's my top one favorite tune and I thought it could give some difference since other songs were from Mega man 2 or 3.

And yep, if you would watch the original, you wouldnt like it much. It's like beginner's first flash submitted to newgrounds. And yeah, I cant believe that I have improved THIS much during ONE year.

Yes, I only year ago couldnt draw at all and used sprites but now here I am, with some good skills.

And yeah, Im really grateful to the voice actors that they had time to help me out with voice acting.
Without them nothing of this could be done.

Thank you, for your long review that you must have spend much time on. I appreciate it a lot!

Im happy you enjoyed!

<3 ^^

I liked it a lot... :D
I thought the script being pulled out was funny.


lol heat man killing his self (as i expected) and snake man dieing (and again expected) and mega man dieing 4 the 1st time in the series m (didnt expect that)

Shadowii2 responds:

Heh, Megaman dying sure is hard to except.


Ive never played megaman so I kinda put off watching your megaman movies but this was awesome, heh 2 years later and he only ate it a few mins ago? it must of been stone cold LOL

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep yep, or maybe he put it in to fridge and now heated it up and ate it?
Hmm, dunno. Also for this movie you don't really need that much information about Mega Man games, as in this the roles are swapped.

Anyway, thanks for the review!

hey shadowwii

i've watched this all the time big fan of yours hope to see you again :D