Reviews for "Mega Man: "WSMP""

not bad

wasnt bad, ive seen better, but still the animation was alright and i watched it till the end

could use abit more humour though, and also the axl guy/girl needs a new mic, i couldnt tell if it was a lass or a lad, shit mic, makes the cartoon worse

Shadowii2 responds:

yeah, I just wanted to do this because it's the remake of my first flash that never got finished and submitted.

Eh, tis ok.

Animation was just kinda borderline silly/crappy. Some voices were suited for this movie, others were just annoying. I only sorta chuckled at the joke where fireman takes out his script, I didn't find much else funny.


Shadowii2 responds:

Well, different taste makes every person like different stuff. That's a thing I have always known.

And by the way, it was Heat Man who was the shop keeper.

Anyway, thanks for the review.


WSMP stands for:who stoll my pizza.Thats what it stands for.

its okay but your audio sucks big fat hairy balls

its okay but y? :)ou kinda need to work on your audio if you fix the audio ill give you a good rating k