Reviews for "Half Beard"


funniest thing ive seen all day

Funny as hell!

I have seen almost every flash vid you have on here (trust me, i honostly am working on it) and you never seem to let me down. Kinda sad tho, i haven't seen you put any new ones up yet.

P.S. This one is in my top 3 favorites with Don't Sleep Robby and TWHYlight


I'm a guy with a mustache and chin strap go-tee. Anything beard related is instant WIN in my book.

But I noticed something: brownish teeth. Does everyone just forget to brush their teeth, or is it just the color of the lighting? I dunno, but with half a beard and brown teeth, you look like a lumberjack.

I dunno? :3

Bobert-Rob responds:

Uh, brownish? I make them a pale shade of yellow because, lets be honest, most people don't have hollywood style white teeth. Thus, my characters rarely ever have white teeth (unless it's important to the character). Dunno about them being brown though, maybe it's your monitor or somethin'. I dunno. Glad you enjoyed!

Funny Beard!

It was hilarious,and that part where his beard flies around that was litle freaky and totaly random.xD


Their exactly the same
Plus I guessed right weres my cookie?