Reviews for "Half Beard"

this guy sounds like skydoesminecraft.

I have done half beard so many times my beard actually naturally separates into two tails

Oh god Robert I haven't watched your work in years. It's like some nostalgia trip.
You haven't posted animations in so long, I miss them!

As funny as I remember you to be, though!

A Happy and a Scary version, huh, that's a neat feature! I think it's the first time I've seen something like it. As for the animation, frigging awesome, the contrast betweent he extremely lively main character and the extremely apathetic bystander works well, and the idea of a half beard is... genius. :D Additionally, great work with the playback controls, frame skipping, rewinding and everything, it's more than most movies have. Keep it up!


lol wut was that funny and i am going to lath so hard lol :P