Reviews for "Half Beard"


I loved this. And the little details you put in were pretty funny too. Jesus messing around with a flashlight...

I AM HE!!!!!!

I've been sporting a half beard ever since I first watched this, which was a while ago. The beard portion of my half beard's getting pretty lengthy now, shaggy almost, so I look certifiably bonkers. I was thinking about doin' my hair the same way, since I have natural porkeypine hair, so I can become the fabled HALF-HEAD!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA........

oh yes

i am so being half beard for halloween this year

Pretty damn funny.

Had to LOL so hard at this yesterday, that I actually forgot to leave a review. Great job, I need more.

Kinda weird coincidence...

but about a week before I watched this, I accidentally did something similar to the halfbeard. I sneezed while trimming my goatee, and shaved off one entire lips worth of hair.

While I looked weird, I decided to kerp it for the rest of the day, just to see what anybody would say; nobody said a thing, which was annoying as hell. Whats the point of having mutilated facial hair if no one wil comment on it? Anyways, good work on this one (and the rest of the series), keep up the work and make some more!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, awesome, glad this brought back awesome memories in beard mishaps. Good times, right? Only mine wasn't a mistake, I totally did that on purpose. I'm just a little bit crazy, that's all. Thanks for watching!