Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"

full of corny fun!

awesome game! very addicting! and yummy popcorn is always a plus!

A very nice game

A very nice game with deep thought about the levels... I am now at lvl 31 I'll keep playing tommorow
at level 4 you should go to the one circled with yellow last... so you'll have to pass the yello line only once and not twice

3vil 10v3

MOOwahahaha 111 I lost <}(


i dont see why ppl say its lame coz its hard i loved it got to lvl 23 but that was very hard i liked it thanks i would of give you a 9 but 10 for ppl sayin its lame


Quite pointless + repetitive. Not the best game here. Give it a try if you have alot of time to waste.