Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


this will get front page!


Another beautiful Hot-Corn game. Keep it up. Idea for our next box: fun looking skins for the fire. Still another incredibly PWN game. 10/10


this game is actually fun :D

Extremely Fun and Addicting.

First of all, this is a great game, its very fun, I can't stop playing, I see no errors to report really, some non distracting backgrounds would have been a nice touch add on though.

The awards you created are awesome, it makes you want to replay levels over and over to perfect those levels, it makes you feel you cannot accept a lower percentage than 100, and you just have to have a perfect score, and possibly a trophy or award. Its cool how you gave us the option to play for a hi score or just have pure fun all for yourself, nice touch, I didn't see many flash games like that, freedom of choice.

The name is fitting, Hotcorn, you control a hot ball of fire to pop some corn, and yeah since this is the second game, "Another Box" sounds perfect, this game actually makes me hungry for some popcorn, I should go to the theatres sometime lol.

From what I played, which was quite a chunk I really see no reason for you to improve this game much, unless you are open to other ideas by other people, its a great game, fun and addicting, and it grabs boredom by the throat and knocks all of its front teeth out. :) Or in this case, it grabs boredom by the throat and heaves balls of hot fire down its throat, along with molten butter and hotcorn popping, causes its insides to boil over and explode, freakin sweet!

Thanks for your outstanding game, make more!

XVegetAx, NG Portal Sergeant.

You get my perfect score award.

10/10 Stars. ********************** <(^_^)> ****** <(^_^)>*******************

5/5 Vote Panel.

Sword of Perfection, a bonus. 0==={=============>

great game

this is very nice game i like it