Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"


Im not trying to be a little fart, but it was kinda borig after a few levels...

Plus it got kinda hard too... ill say its challanging!


That's really good.
Great Game.

Enjoy :D


not bad. almost quit after level 1 cuz the lag is really anoying. but its only lagy in some levels....i beat the game and got just about every trophy...very fun ^^

if you make another game hit me up:)

hey also to that person. water proof power-up? if your talking about the gas. then well its gas it needs fire to get lit. so duh:P


Maybe I'm just a whiner. Good game, but there was one level that had me... mothing short of pissed off. A bit tough, folks. A bit tough.


extremely difficult but awesome.
you might wanna fix that when you move too fast it skips half the corn