Reviews for "Another Box of Hotcorn"

Man lvl 45 its seriously impossible

Man the game was pretty cool but its kind of frustrating that i spend so much time to get to level 45 wich is physicaly impossible to pass im srry but will be a 10 if you made the game actually possible to pass


After the first 4 levels, it got boring.


good game, but a few of the levels were harder than they had to be


I got stuck on levle 25 )=

not to bad ...

interesting game ... graphics are good, i like the faact there are differnet options that help u during the game .... i dont like it because i use a laptop more than my computer and i have to use the touch mouse on the laptop cos i dont have a mouse for it yet ... found it very hard after level 1 .. but i played it on my computer after .... more time on some levels .... i think al levels should be made so it is possible to pass it on the first time of playing, some levels it took me 3-4 times cos i had to get use to were i had to move .... and the differnt things in my pathway...... otherwise i liked the game cos it was diffferntm u dont find a popcorn anywhere else.. by NG... i have it a 8 cos the time and the fact that it gets boring after 5-10 levels .... but otherwise good game, keep it up ...