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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

Good game, second is worth a play

Fun game, but I liked the second one ("Another Box of Hotcorn") better. This one lags a little, but the smiley face is cute :-)

Keep up the good work.

hey i know you deleted it

ya of course i know you deleted it im still giving it a 0 thanks for ruining my day noobs

for jambo3001

for level 25 you have ti touch 1 ball and wait for it to finish it's line of popcor and then the other one
i hate people that give bad score just because they can't figure a puzzle out, just like the impossible quiz 1 and 2
this game is pretty cool

...level 25?

I played the 2nd one before the 1st...got to lev.25 on this one before I nearly put my fist through my screen...how in gods name are you meant do do that level when you hit the balls at the exact time the others finish and it still doesn't bloody reach the end before the time is up!?

waste of time...good game like but still, if you make the levels that stupidly hard then wtf is the point in playing!?

level 24

amazing just like bloons, btu what the hell is lvl 24?