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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

kinda hard

it was harder than i expected. i wouldve thought popping popcorn would be insanely easy, even with a time limit. but it's very fun, and pretty cute, and that's all that matters, right? %u2665

Enjoyed it

It's a fun game, but the difficulty is verging on the ridiculous. I've done all 50 levels of the sequel to this with relative ease, but 34: Watery Grave is pretty much impossible. (at least for a mere mortal like myself)

Also, and this goes for both of the games, you really need an option to turn off the smoke when a corn is popped. It really slows the game down when you're popping a lot.


Ausome, just as good as Bloons! It mostly hand-eye cordination, so if you wear those ten pound glasses you probley should consider another game. But I would recommend this game to all my friends, plus, I put it on my favorites.

Great Game

I liked it.


It was ok. Not great.