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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

Very nice game

Very cool,though some of the levels r fuckin hard

Awards(not all of them)

Fast learner-win a level on the first try

Clever Clogs-win ten levels in a row without restarting

Hotshot-get 100% on 5 or 10 levels in a row(cant remember)

Gold corn-get all the gold corn

Effiency-get exactly the number of corn needed

Speedy-finish a level in less than a quarter of the normal time

Nick of time-beat a level on the last sec.

Thats all i got so far....

pretty cool

great game but it does get laggy. (PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING) If your wondering how to lower the quality, it's as simple as right-clicking on the game, going to quality and selecting "low" :P hope that helped you guys.


its good but an option to turn down the graphics would have been nice since the popcorn popping effect can make a computer lag.

also the graphic for butter and water are really boring since it just a yellow or blue line.

othere then that good game.


Very original game which is something I really admire.
The major drawback was that the game had an overall 'laggy' feeling which REALLY took away from the gameplay, maybe something to consider next time.
Besides that..awesomeness!

pretty good

Until u get to one you cant beat easily then it gets totally boring.
try putting more bonuses in and enemies.