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Reviews for "Hotcorn"


i agree with kyle321. its fun but some levels to hard.

good game

good game but some levels are hard to do

Fun :)

I thought it was fun but the trophies are not all about score and doing all 50 lvls. There is one trophy that u missed that i know its nick of time trophy its when u complete a lvl with only 1 second left. Hope i helped :)


The game was sluggish to control. Also, it was annoying when your mouse went off the screen and it took vital seconds to return and try to move around. Meh. Not really my type of game.

Very Fun =D

Did all 50 levels, got just over 52,000 i think and only 4 trophies :[ Fast Learner, Speedy, Hotshot and Supreme - any1 know how to get the other ones? ^-^;

Definate Must Play. A fun, addictive and sometimes challenging game =)