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Reviews for ":the Composer:"

So sad, so beautiful. Thank you.

I love the animation style and the very detailed characters. The story is great and very emotional with beautiful music which fits it perfectly.

Like a glutton for punishment, every year I return to this flash. When I need a dose of feeling I'll watch, cry some, and then return to my numb existence. Not sure why, but this damn flash has made me cry ever since I had seen it.
Thanks for making me feel like a wuss for 2 minutes.
More over, Thank you Jazza for this beautiful creation.

I might be a sentimental fool, but this makes my eyes moist and it makes me almost choke up. But then again, it seems I'm not alone in that regard. I've loved this animation for many years. Good work, Jazza! Your tutorial videos on YouTube are great as well.

Almost 8 years and I still cry at the end. This is a perfect flash animation.