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Reviews for ":the Composer:"

I relate to the message that you're aiming to express in this short.

I say so because I am a musician, yet I have suffered, and am still suffering from the abuse and discrimination my parents and other people around me gave me, particularly in order to discourage me from my calling.

The animation is a product of its time, and it is quite alright. Piano playing in some parts seems a bit unnatural -- the body is often rigid while playing, rather than fluid (as it should be).

The music is where I have to gash points, I'm afraid. It felt a tad uninspiring, and for something along the scale of a person's life story and mission, I always look for the spectacular. This wasn't. To me it gave the feel of something off a soap opera.

My mission is to inspire -- thoroughly inspire. Even with all the limitations I have, I yearn to capture hearts. The animation certainly did set out to do this, despite its few limitations. The music, I know it's no Meat Loaf or Enya or Howard Shore. However, it could still do with a lot more grandeur -- and this really threw off the balance for me.


What a cute flash, good work on animation too, you made this guy look really handsome.

one of my favorite animations by jazza

Love the way that you show his life, especially showing him and his dilemma with his life, this means so much, especially his relationship of his music growing along with him. It just makes me want to cry, like emotionally and legitly cry. Thank you for this animation, it was beatiful, amazing, and just so meaningful.

Wasn't really touching at all, people aren't even thinking, they're just trying to be "deep"