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Reviews for ":the Composer:"

I am crying!

A good animation with a nice story. It is very emotional, so be ready for that while watching. The audio flows really well.

Truly amazing, not much else to say. I'm speechless.

This was much like my story. No I was not a musician as gifted as your character but I did place music on the street and I do have art on some ones Wall in Miami which was made in hopes of bringing cheer in the darkest of places.
So it is nice to say out of the 111,000+ people there is one that can thank you for telling his story.
Yup, that is indeed the story of many artists who seek to push the envelope of creation. Just a little. That has-been part was pretty hurtful but it is true that some people feel that way about classical art, prose, music. Just wonderful work. Thank you.

This was amazing, not a lot else i can say.