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Reviews for ":the Composer:"

very nice story and great anim + music - i liked the end closing the circle

This review is a sort of aftermath of thoughts, after I've thought about, forgotten, and rediscovered this a while later. I initially rated this 5 last year, and this is my full review.

As a music guy myself, I very much appreciated the work that went into the composition, even though calling it classical isn't accurate imo. However, some of the middle parts sound kind of amateur-ish, meaning some of the piano felt like the transitions, melodies, etc were a little rushed sounding. I generally hate using the word "amateur" because of how pretentious it sounds, but to be fair this whole video came off like that itself, at least a little. However, I feel like that is inevitable pretty much no matter how you address this kind of story, so I won't hold too much of a grudge on it.

The animation is a little stiff, but with overall very detailed, great looking frames. However, there's something about the art style that doesn't entirely work for me, and I think it might be the color palette being a bit too dark, along with some personal preference stuff that I won't let hinder my objective rating. As difficult as it is to portray this kind of emotion in about 4 1/2 minutes, I feel that the beginning maybe should've been a little bit more fleshed out, because it comes off pretty vague and cliche. Speaking of timing, the pacing feels slightly rushed, almost as if this could've and honestly should've been about twice as long to really show the story better without it being so simple.

I not really the kind of person who likes to be this cynical all the time, but I'm trying to offer my thoughts. Overall this an absolutely magnificent work, no matter how old it is, and I wish you the best luck in the future!

This is a beautiful animation and yes, I did enjoy it as you intended. Great job!

this animation is awesome thx, it is sad but it has a happy ending)the circle of life

This..... this is why I'm trying to learn the piano. I want to be able to play this amazing song!