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Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"


This is the most amazing thing i've ever seen in my life. I'M DEADLY SERIOUS.


I am so laughing out loud in front of my computer, alone... I love the way it goes around with everybody dying, and him being sad because he's sick... Lol


Haha that was hilarious, and to the previous reviewer, I was under the impression that not having the Sunny D was the saddest part of his life, not the diabetes. Anyway, great stuff!

BodiesOfStanley responds:

Well the diabetes kinda leads to the no sunny-d so hey no ones in the wrong here.


Nothin' to hate on, nothin' left to be desired. You're practically naked right now, and I likes me some naked peeps.

I lol'd A LOT

funny, OMG sunny d!!!!!