Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"

The Icing on the cake.

This flash was not funny, until you brought the diabetes into it. Then the whole flash was fucking histerical. i guess that was the punch line, you sir win,

Very well done.

It was quite funny. I liked it alot... Didn't see the end coming, it kept me interested too. Short and sweet.
Good job. =)

Dear Maesyne666:
I do believe it says he's 6.
Also...Why would you put the number 666 in your name if you don't like sick or twisted or creepy things? Chill... It's just an animation. And I also think that criticism wasn't very useful to the artist. Better luck next time though.

BodiesOfStanley responds:

Ya hit the nail right on the balls dude. and if you look at maesyne666's profile he made a profile just to try and flame this flash. Everyone point and laugh at him!

It's funny :D

It's very entertaining... from a sick point of view. :D Good job.




i liked it. good job. ^__^. thats not easy to do with me. well a little but not very.