Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"


I want some sunny delight lol god thats messed up

i can't believe i found this funny

haha it's a funny kind of sick.
don't worry though i enjoyed watching it.

p.s. the kid loses his hair half-way through the story???



Holly Connolly

I can not believe that this flash went from a low 2 to a 4.18, that's awesome :D
I remember this in the portal and I was sure that it was going to get some award or at least front page, but no it drifted by with out anyone seeing it. I'm glad I showed this to Tom, and he let it get the attention it deserves.

I loved the whole flash, the style, the airy voice, the story. I laughed so hard at the ending XD.
Anyway keep it, keep making funny flashes. I hope to see more of your stuff :)

I'm sure you've broken some sort of record here...a 2 to a 4.18, damn ;)


holy shit lol. pretty shitty, but he's young, so it won't scar him to bad. Sux, thought. when i was 6, i loved sunny dee... good thing i dont have diabetes.