Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"


his mom and dad and all his relitives pretty much die and then its the saddest day of his life because he cant have fucking SUNNY D?!
xD funny

Its sad...

...because in a lot of cases its true.
However I laughed, despite the fact that it seemed fairly close to some childhood stories I have heard.

Sad but...

Stuff like this happens all the time. Really.
Maybe not all to the same person, but.. Anyways.

I liked it. It wasn't so outrageous as some other sad/funny cartoons, because it had kind of a 'real' feel to it, yet it still managed to be funny, in a sadistic kind of way.

Luckily, that type of comedy appeals to almost everyone on newgrounds!
Me included!

Grats on front page, keep it up!
I'm pulling for a six-years-later version!


You have captured a level of sadness and pity deep in my soul.


So wrong but so funny.