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Reviews for "Shoop Da Whoop Collection"


amazing! i can't stop laughing! he he!

Try again

People randomly shooting lazers out of their mouthes isnt the least bit funny...


I've always loved this parody for some odd reason. Everytime somebody photoshops a picture with the lazer face cell, it always makes me laugh. About the flash, since this was animation, I got quite a good laugh. Some of the scenes were random and unsuspecting like the skateboard one. The sounds were funny and made this flash what it is. I wish there was more scenes in this flash. I would like to see you guys make a part two or something like that. I really enjoyed seeing this flash! Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching this! Great Work Guys! :D

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Shoop Da Whoop!

Great movie and a hilarious one. Make more lolz :)


how random can you get lol random