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Reviews for "Shoop Da Whoop Collection"


That last one was hilarious. No recommendations or criticism here.

Lochie responds:

I enjoy recommendations and critism.
And I see that most people liked that one.


A shoop da whoop collection, the gods have truly blessed newgrounds now.
Good job!

Lochie responds:

Yes, the gods summoned a little thing before me called flash.
And based upon that flash was the Shoop Da Whoop.
So then it begun!

was cool

Ohh my Goodness!!!!!

I made a Shoop da woop film!! I love this and my one! go see mine :D

Lochie responds:

Your one wasn't really to the point, but it was still a good laugh.

Absolutely hillarious

Even of you do not know what Shoop da woop is, you will STILL find this submission to be a riot

Lochie responds:

If people don't know what Shoop da Whoop is, they would still find it amusing, because they don't know what the fuck is going on.
So I believe you are correct.


Konkerer, you are so friggin dumb.... you probobly dont even know what that is... that is a classic. SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!!!!!!1!!!1