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Reviews for "Shoop Da Whoop Collection"


it was awesome =D you had the perfect sound ! others don't make the PRRREW when it shoots >:[ but btw you forgot 2 points in that ! to shoop da whoop yo need the randomness ! fire it when they don't expect it ! and for the other point... you have to charge yo lazer before shooting it so yah they others aren't no taltentz in teh urtz uf teh shooping

Lochie responds:

They are all charging it when you load the movie.


pretty good but should be longer. also, ad dr. octagonopus too!

Lochie responds:

Octagonapus is too good for this movie.


Lol, lazer duck. XD

Lochie responds:

Quack. :3


The last one was so...shoop-tastic? xD

Lochie responds:

Yes, everything is shoop-tastic! :3


That was the funniest string of Shoop-da-woops ever! The last one was the best. i laughed so hard I cried. You guys kick ass.

Lochie responds:

Haha, thanks =D