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Reviews for "Shoop Da Whoop Collection"

You obviously did it for the lulz...

So, I heard u liek Mudkipz?

Lochie responds:

Teh mudkipz is kwl.


I loved this this was amazing! IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!! I think this is hilarious!!!!!!!! I almost pissed mah pants!

Lochie responds:

I should put a warning on the preloader saying "this animation could cause the pissing of ones pants"

Pretty random

I did not expect the dragon not to shoot the knight with his laser.

Lochie responds:

Exactly why it's there.

What was horrible!!

I liked the Skateboard the most...
Fuckin win.

Lochie responds:

aaahh yeah.

That was sweet!

My favorite was the space one XDD Make more,you awsome person XD

Lochie responds:

I am an awesome person. :D