Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"


its true clocks are imortal because carrot clock waas shot 4 times! YAY B!

Creatus responds:

He has siblings.


Wow Sir, that was really great, i loved it all , the pacing was good, the jokes were funny, art was superb and the animation was fluid, i'm giving this a fifen and a fav.

Creatus responds:

Thanks and happy clockday

One of the best movies I've seen today!

This was hilarious! It had great graphics and was very well animated. Good job sir (clock).

Creatus responds:

thanks happy clockday


This made me laugh out loud, especially the little in-joke about GoldenClock's .fla. The animation and art were really smart too, happy Clock Day!

Creatus responds:

thanks crust, your movie kicked ass.


Wow this is the best flash movie on all of Newgrounds!

Creatus responds:

Tell me about it!