Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

great vision

Nice animated and directed, and great sense of humour!

Creatus responds:


An epic by sir clock

The drug scene... oh man the drug scene. I could watch that all day, it was fucking brilliant, you need to take that part and loop it for a sig.

Creatus responds:

Haha maybe I will just for you.

It was good

dude, that was soo funny!The graphics adn animation was great too, didn't have any little stop glitches oranything!

Creatus responds:

Stop glitches, are SOO 2005.

Yaaaaa, i think im gona need a medic.

I thought it was gona be one of those cops gone bad takes his revenge, this is better than that! I loved all of it.

Creatus responds:

Psh, cops gone bad is so cliche. This is like a flash revolution, visual orgasm for the public.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
An excellent clock day movie. Can't believe I haven't seen it until today. Guess I should have checked the collection earlier. The graphics were definitely very impressive. The detail in the drawings were top notch, and I really liked the nuclear explosion effect. The ending was kind of sad, though ironic at the same time, which made it funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
I think some parts were a little drawn out, like him running through the streets. Just got a little boring.

Creatus responds:

Its perfect. Don't lie.