Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

Nice job

Driving Driving And THen He Drove Past haha:D

Creatus responds:


good one

that was a very nice ClockDay animation... one of the best I've seen so far this year. this one here actually had a plot behind it, cool usage of Clocks... Leek and Orange really made this one funny and it offered some nice entertainment... whether it was clocks or not. i know i may not be a big clock fan, but i liked this one, it was nice....and i think it should've won an award.

Creatus responds:


Good but WHY CLOCKS?! I don't get it

This was good. I still, however, don't get what the hell the point is in clocks. Or clockday for that matter. I don't get what peoples obsession is with it. Still, this is worth watching :) (woulda been better if it wasnt clocks though :P)

Creatus responds:

No your wrong. Shutup.

I was in your movie... Yippoy!!

Keep on good work cratus!! It's another great police movie ready to get a vote of five! It was me, that nuke at the end of the movie?

Nuke ( the Clockfriend)

Creatus responds:

No. That was NuclearBombClock who joined 4-5 years ago. So your probably going to have to think of a better clockname.


Just the meny is a work of art in itself, ominous and atmospheric. The animation itself has a both spooky and psychotic tone to it, full of both puns and drama. That mad flashing clock is crazy, and the looping encounter, hah, I guess it's more comedy than anything else after all, though the graphics are particularly well-worked. Keep it going!