Reviews for "ClockDay Is Saved"

Clox on Crax

FFS creatus, that was amazing. Even the preloader was quite interesting, original, and awesome. But once i finally got past that load, i had the sexy menu to look at, with pink floydddd, mmm! then i got to the movie, and the sexy didn't stop! quite silly how you bounced down the street pistols a blazin like that :P a lot of recycled stuff in the beginning, but obviously that was intended. Some nice styles and aniamtion, too, but nothing can beat that trip. Lets see, off the top of my head i can remember some cocaine, a joint or two, a bong, some sheets of acid, some peote, and some mushrooms. did i miss anything else? maybe i'm too high to know what i'm doing. But seriously, the ground was awesome, the background was awesome, the slip of the duck.fla was pretty awesome. The noise of the flying scisors really helped set the mood. i'm going to make the assumption you've never done drugs before... nope... never once.

but aw FUCK. i just read your news post... it's a damn shame this submission won nothing :( i know you poured your ass into it (ew, what?) and the results were phenominal. an awesome clock day submission, really made me smile :D

Creatus responds:

Awesome review man, its reviews like these that make creating flash worthwhile. You got all the drugs in there except for the random assortment of pills (Uppers, Downers, Laughers, Screamers, ect.)

Glad you enjoyed it, Happy ClockDay 2007

It was good lolololoakifrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

so funny. I like the high sequince

Creatus responds:

LOELs, LIek tyhanks.


Why no speakonia?

Creatus responds:

Eh? Cause its old shitty technology?


Great job, good storyline and most important: you made me laugh.

Creatus responds:



Having just gotten back from seeing "Pirahnas 3D" I can now fully apprecaite something that truly revels in its utter insanity. I loved how one of the clocks appeared to be high at the end which was what caused all this in the first place. How did LeekClock recover from the gunshot wound so fast? The animation was cool in this and I laughed at the scene where SirClock sees his world high. His name makes you think of something dignfied so it is great fun to see him shoot people up, or clocks up. Happy Clock Day, SirClock!

Creatus responds:

Thank you, thank you! Yes there is indeed irony that goes along with the persona that was formed for SirClock. He is a junkie who wears a suit.