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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"

11, gargh!!!! Awesome game!

11 is painfully hard. Perhaps, it should make suggestion after so much time has passed. I am also wondering, that perhaps too many sparks exploded for the optimum configuration to work. Perhaps it should regenerated missing sparks every 3 minutes.

sweet game!

it's a really original and fun game, i thought it was a little easy at first and then it got really complicated and challenging
i'm stuck on level 11 though, i thought my solution was really smart, i created a system to like circle them throughout the perimeter and hit collectors spaced evenly along the way, but sadly it's just not working, oh well i have an idea that if i make it out of triangles instead of boxes it might work better, well we'll see


This game is sexy, challenging, and so simple that it's a fuckin work of art. I didn't really understand the implications of my exploding sparks, but it seemed to add a sense of urgency to the game. I couldn't get past level 11 (even after reading a supposed walkthrough), but maybe it's just me.

Great game... except...

I loved the concept and gameplay that is Speck Oppression. However, I found a minor glitch in the game. As far as I know, this glitch is easily repeatable in any level where you have two or more collectors.

Place one collector near another and make sure that the lightning is available, showing you that you are losing energy from their proximity. If you accidentally/intentionally continue trying to place a collector near the other, it will suddenly vanish!

Note that this will not make the levels easier to complete, it will do just the opposite. I later found that I couldn't beat level 11, not because of strategy, because I had accidentally deleted one or more collectors in this method.

Overall, I give the game a 10 and I'm sure the glitch can be easily resolved.

Very good!

I like the graphics, the gameplay, the sound...
And it's original! I think originality is one of the most important features of a game. Challenging yet really fun.