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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"


It's a good game, and I've been waiting for it, but what happened to my music? I MADE THAT SONG FOR NOTHING??

Just kidding. Good game.

Great game!

great game, can figure out how to get past lvl 11 either... care to give us some tips?
i liked the brand new idea of the game... really fun, where did ya get the inspiration from? keep up the gd work!


took me a minute to figure out how to start the game, but it was really cool! I couldnt beat the part where the engine or whatever was in the sandglass shaped thing, it was annoying but it was fun to try and think on how to do ev erything, thanks for the great game!!!

amazing and challenging

that goes ripple for lvl 11. i have figured out (to read other reveiws to get how) to beat the lvl. it just takes a long time.... still not complete, one generator gets fill, then another, then four go down, then two go up...

Well done!

A most excellent game! The one thing I'd really like to see, in this and hopefully future editions, is the ablility to click on the arrow showing a wall's direction to lock in which wall's tower will be the next to be manipulated. This way, when using overlapping towers there would be no chance of grabbing the wrong one. Otherwise, it was great fun!