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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"


what is the point?
there isn't one

Great game, even addicting, but...

I'm stuck on one of the levels, which is hindering my total experience, but from what I've done so far, the game is awesome! Might want to add a tips or hint thing though.

I don't get it

Where is the point in this game?

I just don't understand it..

5 for effort.

Interesting and original, but a big glitch!

I only made it through the tutorial levels. On the first un-assisted level I clicked on the spark generators and they just vanished, each as I clicked it to move it. This happened several times in a row, and sometimes the level loaded with one of the fence ends off the screen somewhere. Too frustrating to bother fiddling with anymore.


Very calming game
It allows many possibilities of winning
And even though it figures to be hard
Slowly adjusting idea's will slowly answer the requirements
Atleast for most it does
It is rather innovative in my idea
The different objects the nice planning that fits well together
Just peices that form and fit perfectly