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Reviews for "Speck Oppression"


thought it could be difficult at times, but it passes the time when your bored


occasionally i would go to move a fence or other object and it would either, dissapear, or the opposite part of the fence would jump out of the map to were i couldnt move it


It gets a little boring after a bit.

not too bad

the worst part of this game is the constant ping ping pingpingpingppppppping. I end up turning my sound off. otherwise nice puzzle game

Well done!

A most excellent game! The one thing I'd really like to see, in this and hopefully future editions, is the ablility to click on the arrow showing a wall's direction to lock in which wall's tower will be the next to be manipulated. This way, when using overlapping towers there would be no chance of grabbing the wrong one. Otherwise, it was great fun!