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Reviews for "Expert's Guide to NG-DX"

Nice one.

This really helped me alot because I kinda' new and I didn't understand how whistle work and now I do. If you find out more useful tips make a remake. Thanks so much it really helped me.


Very Good.

i loved the insightful way it was written
i think this cood be very useful

Very Helpful

This flash was quite helpful! ^_^

It didn't help me too much but I'm sure new users would appreciate it very well! ^_^ At first I really wasn't sure what Whistle was supposed to do and what really was supposed to be abusive or not. Its also quite nice that you offer help to both people who want to be honest, and good people in Newgrounds or people who just want to raise their stats.

In my opinion, the flash was good, but you could've added some more graphics to help newer members find their way around Newgrounds.

well done but fruitless

sad to say, but there's very little reason to look through this and - I believe - it takes away from the experience of getting to grips with newgrounds. Thinking about it logically, most people who use this sight are going to be computer literate to a certain degree, and are not going to need/ appreciate a glorified tutorial. Done with slight humor of the tribal kind, this bored me within five minutes and then served no purpose. Also bare in mind that this will soon sink into obscurity; defying the point of even putting it up. I don't know... certaintly the extent of help is excellent. Your knowledge (I'm assuming its yours ^^) is a great foundation and I'm sure in the few days this is around many people will find help in its archives. Maybe put your expertise to more fruitful enterprises in the future. x


that was really good and is actually in my opinion front page worthy