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Reviews for "Expert's Guide to NG-DX"

a first but hoping a last

I will admit that this is a first, but is it really needed? Everything needed to know is already told as soon as you sign up. Plus this is not even a game at all, more like something to remind us about newgrounds.

Not Bad

This is a good informative flash. I do think that supportive image would be helpful though. For example the logos for the Whistles or the Portal Awards.

Also, I hope the Whistles section was accurate cause I was unsure about the right time to blow it (See, I learned! Mission Accomplished!).

It was a "upgraded" version of the first one which is definitively good. Maybe there will be a Super Deluxe Edition or a Platinum Edition one day... Kind of hope so, you guys are the only ones that I know that makes a good Newgrounds guide. Plus with the site redesign that is apparently* around the corner.

Anyway, Good Job!

*jk Tom :)

I never relized some things...

I keep looking over this to try to soak up all the info. Thank you for this, I never thought about some of these things, but now I will try harder to look for things to whistle about (but not at things that dont break the rules!) I will favorite this to look over it all if I forget some things!

The best guide for Newgrounds ever!

I realised many truths about Newgrounds and me (like I'm a forced stat-whore), and now I can be sure of wathever I do here!
This must be showcased in the FAQ! Thank you for teaching newbies so good!


This was really helpful! This flash showed me some usfule things!
How to improve?....ummm.....well.....
you really cant. This is really flawless. Front page material right here. Now I need to work on getting a shiny deity wistle!