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Reviews for "Expert's Guide to NG-DX"


Yes, i think it was a great idea and well done!


I showed my friend to NG last year and now all he does come to NG all the time! It took him a while to learn everything. I wish you had this out last year when I showed him. Great job. Keep up the good work.

I found this guide very helpful to newcomers to

Newgrounds. The graphics were decent and the sound was good but what really got me was the interactiveness of this addition to his guide. There were some funny jokes and whatnot but the point is that he keeps rolling out these great pieces. Cant wait for the next one! Keep up the good work.

pretty cool

I found it very helpful, seeing as how i just joined in april thx for the advice. ^.^

very good

i guess you will get a lower score because many 5voters will think about how they vote just once