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Reviews for "Expert's Guide to NG-DX"

finally someone else who also thinks nicely

i don't see a lot of ppl who thinks nicely or stuff like that. many immediately try to say how bad it is. im one of the few (thats how i feel like) who r against the stat....... u no. i try to b as nice as possible and give lots of advice. i have a question. wat do u say in ur reveiws? i always say about their work, wat they need to work on and always try to compliment them on making something! i h8 hows ppl insult like no tomorrow and stuff like that....... its like they forget that A. author could've been told to make this. B. reveiwer could've never made a game before! C. reveiwer was once like that before too (game making skill i mean). or D. not everyone's perfect. some need a little more practice. doesn't mean to tell them to never again make a game or try to again. its doesn't mean that they r always baed and their work wiull forever too b bad. come on ppl! think logically! not instant h8fest!

highwatermark responds:

Bad reviews are where deity whistles come from. It's not a bad thing.

I'm not famous for my reviews, mainly for flash. My reviews are nothing special.

Read My e-mail!

Dear HWM,

I have replied to your e-mail asking for last corrections and there are some! You haven't included anything! What happened to "I'm not ready to submit yet" :)

The graphics are all there; I like the new sections very much; the choices and menus are superb; between us we have put in a lot of detail; I really like the music choices- a wide range and good sound quality.
I suppose a litlte more humour might have put more life into it, but I don't know...
This should become a real reference point on NG.

I don't believe I have ever given 10 for interactivity before, but how could I not?
I don't usually give more than 6 for just music but the choice is very good and I like the button clicks.
The humour is quite subtle, but its there. I like the title Veteran etc.

This is a real Magnum Opus- hundreds of words of text worked on over months of research, resubmisison, editing and negotiation!
Best Wishes,

highwatermark responds:

Well thanks. Today's portal just looked too good to resist.