Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was crack up. Especialy when the titanic song keeps coming on =}....

I hope you make more of these. Cause this rocked and and I want to see another.

export-gold responds:

YAY ROXORZ!!!@@!%#!%!!


hahhaha its soo funny =P. espiacilly the part with the docter pepper in slow motion.


great stuff!
and how do u make it so that the stickman has a onion skin trial can be seen when the flash movie is exported?
please reply!

omg lol

LMAO OMG I CANt stop laghing that was funny as heck omg please make more i loved it your good at this stuff

Awesome I miss him

Man this video was tottaly awesome but its sad tht pivotmasterdx got hacked and pmdx01 (pivotmasterdx) got hacked now hes not on youtube anymore R.I.P pivotmanserdx