Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"


If this was a tribute to PivotMasterDX, it was a good one. I thought that this was almost as good as PivotMaster's videos! (Well, its not AS good because you just posted it recently) Anyway, good job! MetroidMan, END TRANSMISSION /O_o

export-gold responds:

Thanks alot! I didn't intend on making it better than Pivotmasters ones (cuz he rocks) And so do u! thnx 4 da review

best fuckin thing eva

omg i'm tearing i laughed so hard when one stickdude got killed then another came and this sad music came on then he gets hit and then the same over and over again

No angelhail32

He didnt steal his ideas

He made a tribute to pivotmasterdx and as a tribute he can use any ideas as he wants, if you actually saw the original stickmen on crack you would understand

by the way it was awesome


how did you get the baddabaddabababadabiggitybu i like that :)


I... just...