Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"

fukin ripoff

this animation was a lousy ripoff of stick figures on crack series by pivotmaster on an unrelated website....the ideas, i assume were by pivotmaster and for someone to copy pretty much to the sound was pathetic plaguerism.

export-gold responds:

nah I told u that It was a TRIBUTE! and yes the ideas are similar but not copied. Do u call madness tributes rip offs? NO! eventhough they are all the same ? NO! why is it different here?

From a technical point of veiw...

I hate it. The animation has absolutely no easing, is very stiff and has really bad stickfigures. Before you post on newgrounds, try actually getting good at something.

Here is what i would suggest;
Try some pivot easing tutorials, Eliminate stiffness and make much better stickfigures.

Sorry, im normally a nice person but this just reiks of new animating skill. Sorry, again.

Well, at least its a good RIP OFF

Graphics:The graphics of the stick figures, at some points, WERE better at SOME points. I will give you that.

Style: I gave you none, beceause MOST of these were stolen jokes.

Sound: Good sounds, but theres a dely bewteen the final noise of a scene and the end scene noise, which is kinda like a split seccound awquard pause... Please fix that in your next one, if you make one.

Interactivity: I don't genrally give movies interactvity points. Usually only games.

Humor: What like...two jokes were orignal...two seems like a good score.

Overall: I'd give yo half of what I woulda gave you, had it been orignal, but I couldent beceause there was no 3.5. Overall, you did alot of smooth animation, picked alot of great sounds, although the shortcomings od this movie ought weighed the talent.

I DID NOT give you a low score for animation. Your animation was solid, and at some points better then PivitMasters himself! What I DID give you a bad score was for the mostly riped off ideas.

For that reason I hope this dosent make it, not beceause I dislike the work, but beceause if you made an orignal one to replace it, you could become a big name in stick animation, and haveing stolen jokes in your Other submissions bix, isen't exactly a good thing...

export-gold responds:

Yes I admit most of the jokes in the movie are similar to Pivotmasters movie. And what I made was pretty much a tribute. But im really glad to hear that the animation was good. THANKS!!

What was that now?

you REALLY need some kind of plot or much better animating skills (no offense) because stick people need to have cool animation to go with them or funny vocals/sound fx or at the very least a decent story in order to be considered good. so work on artistic skills or compostion (humorous dialogue/actions is a great start)


you totally stole all (almost) all ideas from dumbass doom