Reviews for "Stickmen On Crack"

I fucking love this!!

lol I watch this and just started busting up laughing
Graphics-8:becuase 4 stick people they look very well done
Syle-10:Becuase Its so damn funny
Sound-10:The screams and music
Violence-10:Becuase of the killer Dr.Pepper cans
Interactivity-4:Well you dont do anything...
Humor-Random shit, Stick men, Dr. Pepper what can go wrong?


Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah ahahahahahahahah,awsome,muhahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahaha,I shall now cause doomsday.


I was loling in my chair until i fell out of it. and i still laughed then even though i was in alot of pain. Also, make more. cause i don't think pivot master is making anything new yet.


Finally, somebody with a sense of irony! Lol

slow motion screw up =)

for a remake it sure has it's own twists!!!