Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"


Another fantastic piece by a fantastic artist!

Im addicted to this song

every time i come to newgronds i have to listen to this song and the song time, they are my favorite songs from you, good job and thank you for it


love it..
when I read 'GodForsakenSoul' review I thought "uhm.. okay...?"
now I'm sitting here myself for around 20 minutes letting this song play and play again....
thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of art.....

^^ great.

Well, im going to review this throughout the song as i listen.

This intro is amazing, very well done, remindes me of someone who has been crushed, or broken hearted. Very nice touch, love the piano, fits very well.

I like this, 2 different sets of piano along with the background, some dramatic bass/drum? very nice.

ooh, i love those drums you added, now you can really get into the rythm of the song, great choice. I also like how you are bringing everything back together, seems as if now, if i were telling a story, the character would be regaining hope.

great great sounds, hmm its coming to an end, oh yes, i love the fade out there perfect length.

amazing song my friend.


-Dj Untold

T_T so good.... T_T

this thing is on loop for like... 30 minutes already. so sad D:
and yet i can't stop listening... D: