Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"


full points for an awesome song. full points for the emotions the song creates.

Bonus points for the strings sounding like Mass Effect at the start! :D

It's Sad

People are 0-bombing you Dan :( I miss when you would submit on a regular basis and I would get to hear all of your new stuff. But hopefully your real job is going well.


wicked man

liked the melody in it not alot i can say about this track but the fact that people haven't voted it higher is extremly saddening so you get the 10/10 from me like yoou deserve.

This is Awesom

I only like a few classical songs, and this is now one of them. I can tell you have a lot of talent. I really like the part about 1 minute 40 seconds in. Keep up the good work. And remember sometimes artists struggle all their lives and only get recognition when their dead and gone. That might happen to you or it might not just keep your chin up. Peace out.

very amazing work... and my this angers me...

why... why you of all the stupid artists on NG are you the one with the lowest scores relevent to musical skills!
D: :O
just so sad..
you should have a solid 4.50 or higher! >:O
amazing work.
just awesome.
you are one of the best artists on NG!!!
keep it up!