Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"

more publicity could make you famous and rich

everyone of your songs is inspiring and moving, and if record companies got ahold of yor songs you would make lots of mulah.

My gOd! *sniff*

This is one of the songs that i would consider heart touching and B E A utiful!
-axci1234fire a.k.a Alex Choi


30 seconds in i could already see a large lake filled with beautiful images.
yet again u have created another dream for other people to follow. its just a mite bit sad that other poeple dont listen to themselves enough to let music take them over and take them to other worldly places. a feeling of transcendence will follow me everywhere when i listen to this. thank you for enlightening me.



once again, i'm impressed

very good. you know just how too put notes together and create a scenery in my mind. your music truly tells stories