Reviews for "Lost Dreams to a New Beginning"


Hmm, this piece was indeed quite exceptional. It's a good thing your not deaf, or going to die at an early age, but still thats great.

BTW, i'll be adding you to my MSN soon, hopefully we can talk to each other soon.

Huzzah to you!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Sven is bleeding from the head!


the beginning sounded alot like halo2

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Does it... I'll hafta look into that. Never really played Halo 2 yet.

Great Job!!!

Wow, that was a really good song. Did you mix together live paino with computer created strings and drum backround or was this all made with a program? If so, what program do you use.

When I listened to the song, it just kept getting better and better until it ended [and it ended way too soon :(, it was too abrupt]. In came the drums, which were a nice twist, then theere were two pianos at the same time. I loved it all. This was a very inspiring piece and is worthy of a 5/5, so that's what I'll rate this (and most likely download)

While listening, the piano is so good, it makes the song so sad (which I like alot)

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MilkMan-Dan responds:

No program :)... all one small lil Yamaha Keyboard. Just a clever mix of reverbed piano and synth strings. And of course... a looped kit. At one point... their are 3 pianos. This was purely an experiment... that I loved. Thankyou for your review and I'll check out ur music.


great piano sound! song's really cool.
i couldve sworn i heard that intro tho somewhere else... w/e lol
thank god for piano music lol
o man that was a surprise to hear the drum kits kick in lol thats a nice add!
the piano part gets a little boring wen the drumkit comes in though.
what vst plugins are u using for the strings and piano? just wonderin
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nice ending too


MilkMan-Dan responds:

Wow thanx... I was actually worried this sounded a bit like something I've heard before too. I should hope it's completely original though. I use nothing for my music but my lil keyboard. I write it track by track. No plugins... no programs... just note by not. I know the piano might be a lil repetitive, I regret that.I will happily check out your music. Thankee :).


I love writting and nothing sets me in a good mood for in then some truely sensational music.

I can picture it in my head already what I want to write about. Please never let anyone tell you that you have no talent with abilities like you've showen while making this pieace I think you could be do very well.

keep on walkin the long walk, for those of us who never know the true bounty of which we really seek in our lives. Insperation,love,satisfaction.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Thankyou for the brilliant review. I always enjoy hearing well thought out reviews. I worked rather hard on this piece so I'm glad it's not getting zero's off the bat. Thanks :).