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Reviews for "Square Divide"



Simple and fun.

It's really fun and simple.
Simplicity is the best.

Needs some tweaking

This game is very good, and enjoyable, but one of the things that absolutely irks me is the mouse control and only one round at a time. In my personal opinion, it would be far more enjoyable if you made the movement keyboard-based.


this is hard on easy mode when u get to the end and gets boring preety fast even with the unlockables if u beat the whole thing then u get bored do fast i would rather watch grass grow but fun at the starting....

You misserable mutherfucker :-)

This game is so unplayable and so damn addicting!!! :-P
I suck with the mouse and I lost in "medium" at 247 I hate you, I hate this game, I hate Ng and I hate everyone playing better than me (JUST KIDDING).
The graphics do their work, the style of the game can get better I think. The sound turns out to be a little annoying after the 4th try but it's a nice song, stars' sounds have a 1 sec delay. There is no violence in this game, just in me after playing it.
On interactivity I liked the way the cursor moves and it is good for avoiding those damn squares (I wish my cursor moving like that) but the fire rate sucks. Yes, my patience at waiting to the lost bullets to exit the screen is very low and I said before that I suck at most mouse games but I don't mean that this one has to be played with KB. If the fire rate increases the game field can become a mess but that happens anyway when firing the "mega bullets" wich I mostly avoid. The "big bullets" and "invincibility" are OK but there should be a way to divide the squares with the bare cursor. HELL YEAH.
My humor is high after playing this because I'm gonna replay it till I win and I know I will, but sometimes is so frustrating!! :'-(
Keep up the good stuff coming!!
please, don't take the summary of this review seriously ;-)