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Reviews for "Square Divide"

Not bad...

Not Bad but it doesn't really addict me that that much.

Maybe lives?

its a good game but...

it really got me irritated when, sometimes, you will move the arrow, without touching the red things, and you will die

also the whole control scheme makes me mad, partly because my mouse sucks, i think using the arrow keys would have been better

and lastly i clicked on the link to your website when i was playing and then i lost

that got me mad too

overall its a pretty good game though


its very nice :)

Haha nice game!

Nice game, really liked it. Things that bothered me/I didn't understand where:

- What's the use of constant immortality if you've beaten the game
- my computer lagged terribly when I was like halveway on hard mode, there where waaaay to many squares :p

Thanks for the game. ^.^


I really love this game, very addicting!

Pretty sweet graphics for a bunch of stuares, rectangles, and a triangle. :P

Great work :)