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Reviews for "Square Divide"

Not bad, could be better.

Definatly a good idea, the gameplay is smooth, however it could be better, possibly some more animation when the blocks explode, also if perhaps you could shoot faster it would be nice, make the game a bit more fast paced, overall in my opinion all it really needs is some faster gameplay and cooler animations, its a good game though, definatly challenging and originial.


i have never stayed with a flash game like this one to the end. i beat all modes, and now i can say that it was extremly fun. Try another shooter. you make them really well.

TheGameHomepage responds:

Another one is on the way :)

I loved it.

A great, simple game. Very challenging, though. I just beat hard mode, and it took me way too long. Overall, a smooth game that will get you addicted for a few minutes, if not a few hours.

Not bad...

I thought the game was addictive. I'm still trying to beat hard mode. It is annoying that I can click the "add this game to your web page" link while I'm clicking. It would be nice if I could keep the mouse from going outside the screen. I am playing this on a touch pad which makes things difficult. Other than that I think the game is pretty solid.


Great and addictive game, though faster shooting (but less damage done) would be nice, as it is a bit slow pace. Music is cool aswell, fitted the game nicely, overall a very good game.

TheGameHomepage responds:

I like that idea, making the bullets faster but the blocks tougher. Thx for the review!