Reviews for "Space Bounty"

very nice

this game is sweet, works well, and i dont see any problems with it what so ever. Great game, keep it up XD


Needs tobe longer. But it was a good game.

Front Page Worthy

You have to wonder why garbage like Dress Paris Hilton is on the
top row of front page while this is way near the bottom.

You also have to wonder why a space mercenary is wearing what appears to be leather underpants. Must be a Belmont...

Anyway, this owns. You should reuse the engine, upgrade the graphics, and watch people kneel before you in worship.


when you make the next one make it with some blood still it kicks major ass

ahh my youth in a nuttshell what more to say then pow kaboom and well done make more of this art almost a year now not heard a thing from your work qigames!