Reviews for "Space Bounty"


5/5 , theres rly nothing to improve on gj!

Pretty sweet game

I only suggest that it be longer, that upgrades take longer to get, and that money isn't so plentiful

Found a glitch!

If you try and drop down a platform whle opening a door, you will fall through all floors conmtinually untill all your lives are ;lost.

jumping is hard

Love the game. th eonly problem i can see is the difficulty in landing a jump. also, it wouldn't hurt to have the person walk


Good game, loved the concept. But once again I have to write about how an animation ran out of gas in my opinion. It was a very good game. Loved the graphics, loved the action, loved how the character died, but it just seemed to fall short. It also get really boring to be walking around everywhere, maybe running can be implemented next time, if there is a next time. All in all, good game, but fell short.